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Social Media Bill of Rights

Do your employees know their social media rights and responsibilities?

Your company’s social media policy sets forth the rules and responsibilities governing your employees personal and professional social media use. But unless your social media policy is implemented in a compliant manner, it will hold little weight in court when it needs to be enforced.

Ethan’s Social Media Bill of Rights is a compliance solution that will teach your employees to responsibly and lawfully use social media while at the same time providing you with the clear ability enforce violations of social media policies and defend the company if litigation arises.

The Social Media Bill of Rights will provide employees with a summary of key points of your social media policy, a list of permitted and prohibited conduct, consequences for violating the policy, and acknowledgment forms they must sign to confirm they have received, read, and understood the social media policy.

By implementing Ethan’s Social Media Bill of Rights compliance solution, you will be able to enforce your social media policy against employees that violate it and be well positioned in the event litigation arises from your employees social media use.

Contact Ethan to learn how his Social Media Bill of Rights compliance solution can benefit your company.